Super Medium

Super Medium

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Professional Line

Pair One: Legato cartwheel. Dome-shaped 1 1/4" diameter wood core covered with soft, German felt sewn in a cartwheel style. Perfect for beautiful, sustained rolls and legato single strokes.

Pair Two: Medium cartwheel. Disc-shaped 1 1/2" diameter wood core with tightly drawn bag of red felt covered with soft, white German felt sewn in cartwheel style. Somewhat harder than No. 1. Excellent for general playing and transitions from rhythmic patterns to rolls.

Pair Three: Medium ball-type general purpose sticks (red stripe). Dome-shaped 1 1/8" diameter wood core, an inner layer of felt, and an outer layer of German felt sewn in a bag. Excellent for use in situations where tone production and rhythmic articulations must be balanced.

Pair Four: Medium hard ball-type sticks (green stripe). Same core as No. 3, but somewhat harder with an outer layer of American felt. Great for articulate playing, particularly at louder dynamic markings.

Pair Five: Hard (yellow stripe). Disc-shaped 1 1/4" diameter wood core covered with white American felt. Ideal for fast, articulate playing, particularly at volume, throughout the register.

Pair Six: Hard, small head sticks (light blue stipe): 1" diameter core covered with white American felt, but sewn with the "hard" side out.

Pairs 7, 7A, and 7B: Extra-hard sticks: Pair 7: 1 1/4 " diameter disc-shaped wood core covered with green felt sewn in a bag. Pair 7A: 1"x 1/2" wooden core with thin black outer felt covering. Pair 7B: Approximatedly 3/4" x 3/4' wooden core with a thin red felt covering. All three pairs are excellent for rhythmic passages and are also ideal for roto-toms. Each pair is progressively a little harder. No. 7 is the typical choice of most customers, but if one needs something a little harder, one can substitute pair 7A or pair 7b.

Pair 8: Extra-hard staccato sticks. 1" diameter wood core tightly covered with a thin, durable layer of chamois material. Useful in many spots where you would otherwise use wooden sticks, particularly on plastic heads. The thin covering slightly moderates the "wood on plastic" slap. These sticks are also excellent for the classical repertoire on calfskin heads.

Pair 9: Wooden sticks. 1 1/4" wooden ball mounted on handles that match other sticks in one's set. A 1 1/4" wooden disc can be mounted instead if preferred.

Pair 10: "Super-Medium" Sticks (gold stripe). This pair of sticks is similar to the No. 3 general-purpose sticks but comes with a 1 1/4" core to produce even more volume and a lusher sound. Particulary good for use on the larger drums in the set. Covered with German felt sewn in a bag style.

Pair 11: The "Mozart' sticks (dark blue stripe). Solid cork core about 1 1/4" in diameter mounted on 7/16" diameter hardwood handles. Core covered with German felt pulled in a tightly sewn bag. Excellent for playing the classical literature, especially with smaller orchestras or chamber groups. Clean articulation with rounded tone.

Pair 12: The "Concerto' sticks. Small, dense core with thin black felt covered with a 1" strip of German felt pulled tight top and bottom to create a three-seam cartwheel stick. This medium-soft, end-weighted stick projects a beautiful, rounded tone. Excellent for ppp to mf/f solo notes, such as the opening of the Beethoven Violin Concerto.